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Back to Blog August 21, 2023

Gemologist Emily Phillippy (BFA '12) Speaks on Ethics in Hidden City

Author: Wanda Motley Odom

Tyler alum Emily Phillippy (BFA '12) has distinguished her jewelry store, Emily Chelsea Jewelry in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood, for its ethical stance on using 100 percent recycled precious metals, Fairmined gold and diamonds, and colored stones that are either recycled or can be traced back to responsible sources. “If we don’t know where it comes from, we won’t work with it,” she says.

Emily Chelsea Jewelry has also differentiated itself by supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. “The jewelry industry is burdened with age-old heteronormative traditions, expectations, and downright judgment,” said Phillippy. “We’ve created a space where everyone is welcome.” Read more 


Caption: Phillippy in front of her showroom and workshop, Emily Chelsea, at 2424 Studios in a refurbished Fishtown factory building. Photo: Michael Bixler