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Back to Blog June 22, 2021

Isaac Scott (MFA '21) Wins National Magazine Award

Author: Zachary Vickers

Isaac Scott (MFA '21), a student in Tyler's ceramics program, has won a 2021 National Magazine Award for his photography featured in the 2020 New Yorker article, "A Photographer on the Front Lines of Philadelphia's Protests." National Magazine Awards, known as "the Ellies," are the highest awards in the magazine industry.

In May, 2020, following the murder of George Floyd, Scott began photographing the protests that followed in Philadelphia. Every day, for weeks on end, he documented marches, speeches, and clashes between police officers and protesters. Scott's immersion into the fray, capturing police violence and cars set ablaze, did more than merely document the action; he made lasting images of an important historic moment.

"I wanted to be at the front, where the action was. I was just thinking a lot about what I wanted to take back from this event — what would be important for people to see in the future," Scott said to Philadelphia Magazine. "My biggest thing was, I wanted people to see the humanity of the people who were in the protests."

Image: JUNE 3RD, 2020. CECIL B. MOORE AVE AND BROAD ST (2020) by Isaac Scott; digital photograph. One of the photographs featured in The New Yorker that won the 2021 National Magazine Award for Feature Photography.