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Back to Blog March 23, 2021

Kira Carleton (BA anticipated 2021) to speak at 2021 SUNY New Paltz Undergraduate Art History Symposium

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Kira will be presenting "Embroidered Samplers: Self-Portraits of America's Forgotten Artists" on Friday April 9 at 2:15.

We are pleased to invite you to explore the website for the 2021 SUNY New Paltz Undergraduate Art History Symposium at 


The website contains the event’s full schedule along with the 98 speakers’ abstracts and photographs. Talks will be given during twelve sessions held over three days, from April 9th to 11th.  


To watch any session, simply click on the “Full Schedule” tab at the top of the homepage. A few days before the start of the Symposium, you will see next to each session in the schedule is a blue and orange “Webex Link” button, which you can simply click on to join said session. Please note that no prior registration is necessary to access all sessions. If you feel a bit uncertain about navigating the website or joining a Webex meeting, simply click on the “Join Us!” tab at the top of the Symposium’s homepage for assistance. Please note that all session times are EDT.