Back to Blog October 7, 2019

Odili Donald Odita's work featured in two prominent magazines

Author: Zachary Vickers

Odili Donald Odita, professor of Painting at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, has his free-form mural on the second floor of the Ford Foundation’s Center for Social Justice in New York City featured in an article at Interior Design, where Darren Walker and Lisa Kim—the center’s president and gallery director—discuss the new Ford Foundation Gallery, which has rotating exhibitions open to the public.

An article in The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted another new installation by Odita: Open Access, a massive wall installation spanning three floors of the new Comcast Tech Center, the tallest building in Philadelphia. The work "challenges homogeneity and looks to represent the diverse people of Comcast coming together in the workplace," wrote the Inquirer's Edith Newhall.


Image: Darren Walker and Lisa Kim, the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice’s president and gallery director, standing before Odili Donald Odita’s free-form mural on the center’s second floor. Photography by Paul Godwin.