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Back to Blog May 4, 2023

Rachel Vorsanger presents talk at "Look at a Book" series

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
Rachel Vorsanger speaking in front of a screen

Rachel presented at the "Look at a Book" series, organized by Dr. Joe Kopta, with the Charles Library. She presented on “Alicia Bailey’s Cosmeceutical Collection” and told us: "In this unique artist book, the Cosmeceutical Collection, Alicia Bailey has created three miniature books that are each contained in a cosmetic case that recalls different forms of makeup: an eyeshadow palette entitled Belladonna; a press-powder compact entitled Compact Beauty; and a tube of mascara entitled Lashlure.  The text inside each recounts the history of beauty standards that women have been held to, and explains in a witty, wry, and solemn narrative the dangerous extremes women went to in hopes of achieving those standards."