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Back to Blog October 5, 2023

Stellar representation for Tyler Art HIstory at SECAC this fall!

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

We have a terrific group of scholars presenting at the annual SECAC conference this month:

Gillian Yee (PhD student): “Life, Death, and Everything in Between: Peter Hujar’s Capuchin Catacomb Portraits” (also session chair)

Brittany Rubin (PhD student): “’All the Tricks of Aretin[o]’: The Affective Lives of Samuel Pepys’ Reproductive Portrait Collection”

Joseph Kopta (Asst. Prof. of Instruction): “The Trebizond Alexander Romance and Representations of Kingship” 

Noah Randolph (PhD candidate): “Atop the Pedestal: Paula Wilson’s ‘Living Monument’”

Ali Printz (PhD candidate): “Upending the Plantationocene: The Coal Sculptures of Charles Edgar Patience” 

Chair: Dr. Alice M. Rudy Price (Adjunct Asst. Prof.): Dominion & Commonwealth: Exploring the Nocturne 

Chair: Joseph Kopta: Global Material Religion in the Premodern World, Session III

Emma Holter (PhD student): “Color Wars: Woad, Indigo, and the Emergence of Venetian Blue Paper”

Ari Lipkis (PhD student): “Transforming Brick into Stone: Giulio Romano’s Use of Fictive Materials in the Palazzo del Te”

as well as:

Dilmar Mauricio Gamero Santos (PhD ’22 Klein; MFA ’19 Photo Tyler)“The Power of Experimental Photography at Elfreth’s Alley” 

Zixiao Huang (Tyler AH MA ’22): “Clothes Make a Man, or Do They? The Jesuits and the Costuming Issue in China”

Daniel Seth Kraus (MFA ’16 Photo Tyler): “Photobooks after the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: 1 Photobook, 15 Students 

Tamara Smithers (PhD '12): "Myths, Lies, and Legends in Art History"