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Back to Blog November 9, 2023

Tyler Art History grad students participate in Islamic Art Study Day at the Freer

Author: Jane DeRose Evans
group shot of the participants

Özlem Yıldız (PhD candidate), Ryan Mitchell (PhD student) and Miray Eroglu (PhD student) participated in an Islamic Art Study Day at Freer Gallery of Art in the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art as part of the awarding ceremony of the Charles Lang Freer Medal and lecture honoring Gülru Necipoğlu on October 28, 2023. On October 29th 2023, Yıldız, Mitchell and Eroglu visited the Freer Collection's special collection with curators Massumeh Farhad and Simon Rettig to look at works of art in the collections inspired by Professor Necipoğlu's lecture: "From China to Europe: A Topkapi Palace Album with Images in the Persianate, Cathayan, Frankish Manners (c. 1350-1500)."