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Back to Blog February 12, 2024

Tyler Art History participation in CAA annual meeting!

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

We have a bounty of researchers presenting at the CAA annual meetings this month:

Nikki Marcel (PhD candidate) chairing three panels: Rebellious Creating: Opacity as Praxis in the Contemporary Caribbean; Writing for Each Other: Collaboration Across Art History and Art Practice; Office Hours: Open Discussion between Students and Professors

Dr. Alpesh Patel chairing Peer Review Futures Publications Committee

Emmy Schollenberger (PhD candidate) "Mountains and Memory: The Geography of Japanese Internment Camps in Emma Nishimura's Locating Memory"

Noah Randolph (PhD candidate) chairing Uneasy Pieces: Pedagogical Approaches to Sensitive Topics and Controversial Works of Art and co-chairing with Dr. Leah Modigliani, Walls, Blockades, and Barricades: Art at the Margins of the New Enclosures"

Ozlem Yildiz (PhD candidate) "Gateway to the Divine: Materiality in the Illustrated "Tales of the Prophets" from the Sixteenth Century

Camila Medina (PhD student) "The Black Female Body in Rejoice: Yhuri Cruz Reshapes Afro-Brazilian Presence.