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Back to Blog November 23, 2020

Tyler Student's Hand Sanitizer Machine Wins People's Choice Award at Temple

Author: Zachary Vickers

Tyler Visual Studies student and Temple biology student Allyson Yu (CST and Tyler ‘23) and her project partner, Chloe Gehret (CST ‘23), have won the People's Choice Award in Temple's 2020 Innovative Idea Competition. The competition, open to all Temple University students, alumni, faculty and staff, encourages the generation of innovative new products, services and technologies from all 17 schools and colleges within Temple University which can become the foundation for new businesses.

Yu and Gehret's project, "Sanitime," is a hand sanitizer machine that allows for the combination of a unique mixture of scents through a contactless app or touchscreen interface. The scent designed by the consumer will be dispensed at the touch of a button into a reusable bottle at a local Sanitime machine. After a one-time purchase of a 2-oz bottle, consumers will be able to refill their bottle with their own scent by using a mixture already created in the app or by designing the scent at the machine itself.