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February 9, 2016

Future Success Being Recognized in the Facilities Management Department

Author: Emily Furlong

Written by Rachel Krull, BS Facitlies Management'16 Congratulations are in order for our own Facilities Management degree student Jonathan Temple. With hard work and dedication, Jon has landed a position with Turner Construction following graduation. As programming chair of Temple University Facilities Management Association he has gone above and beyond in his role to help make events a success. Going above and beyond is something he has implemented throughout his life and led to his offer from Turner Construction. The Temple Career Center interviewed Jon to hear about his experience using their services and his recommendations for a successful job search. Please visit Career Center Student Spotlight for the full interview. Read More

June 4, 2015

Lourdes Monje, BS Arch'17, profiled by American Institute of Architecture Students

Author: Emily Furlong

Lourdes Monje, Bachelor of Science in Architecture '17, was recently profiled and interviewed by American Institute of Architecture Students. Monje was featured in a weekly email discussing studio culture. Some highlights include: Describe your studio culture: "My studio culture is diverse and open in the sense that classmates feel comfortable enough to critique each other's work. What advice would you give a high school student about studio? "A high school student should understand that studio at my university is intense, a bit stressful, and awesome all at the same time. I love studio because...."It allows me to interact with a diverse range of like-minded people while working on becoming the kind of designer I am meant to be." To see more of Monje's interview, please visit http://aias.org/in-studio/ Read More

March 23, 2015

Don't Miss TU Arts Fest!

Author: Kylie Doyle

This week Temple is celebrating its artistic students in a showcase of the arts, bigger and better than ever. TU Arts Fest is happening March 22nd to the 27th. Students from every corner of the Center of The Arts are coming together to create an event that will be full of talented, creative artists displaying their skills. “TU Arts Fest is the first ever Campus-wide Arts Festival, meant to showcase the diversity of Arts within Temple University, more specifically within the Center For the Arts. I would like to show synergy within Temple's artistic endeavors by inviting anyone to come and observe what Temple can do in a single week. Filled with performances, visual art, and an onslaught of other artistic expression, this Arts Fest will strengthen the collaboration between departments as well as individual students, and allow us an opportunity to share our Art,” says Alexander Monsell, who is spearheading the festival. Read More

January 14, 2015

Art Education Student Exhibition

Author: Kylie Doyle

People from all walks of life fill Stella Elkins Tyler Gallery within the Tyler School of Art. The walls are adorned with colorful pieces of artwork from many different schools in Philadelphia. The student teachers of Tyler’s Art Education program stand in front of each area dedicated to the school that they concluded their internships at, pride evident on every face as their students and families come through to admire the artworks. The art education program is monitored carefully by a great deal of dedicated faculty members, including  Lisa Kay, Wendy Osterweil, and  Pepón Osorio (of the community arts department). Though the student teachers spend their time educating their young pupils, in turn their students educate them and prove that there is always something new to learn. The profession of teaching is a noble one indeed, and seeing in person the effects that their instruction can have on their students is second to none. Read More

December 3, 2014

Temple University Facilities Management Association tours MARS Drinks Factory

Author: Emily Furlong

From left: Neil Grewal, Shea Jones, Tim Mazaleski, Miguel Martinez, Dorothy Scholnick, Robert DiLorenzo, Cedric Gardner, Rachel Krull MARS Drink Tour Written by: Rachel Krull, Facilities Management '16 When you hear MARS many of us think of the candy that they are known for creating; Twix, Snickers, M&M etc. and before attending the MARS drink tour that’s all I associated MARS with too. Not only are they associated with food but they also work with drinks, pet care, gum/candy, and of course chocolate. They are also so much more; Innovative, sustainable, and cutting edge are some of the words I now associate with MARS after attending IFMA’s tour of the newly renovated MARS drinks factory in West Chester Pennsylvania.  More Then Just Coffee Read More

January 17, 2014

"Artists for Haiti" to Hold Charity Fundraiser

Author: Kayla Cropper

In 2011, the Penn State Project Haiti chapter approached Temple University to start an organization that would work to fund a new orphanage in Petite Riviere de Artibonite, Haiti. Project Haiti Temple University was created and began holding movie nights, bake sales, and clothing drives to raise money for the Saint Francis Xavier Orphanage. In 2012, Meredith McDevitt began the fundraiser "Artists for Haiti" in hopes that the Tyler community would come together to raise funds for the orphanage. "I have always thought that one of the greatest ways to give back to those in need is to use your own personal talents in a collaborative effort," McDevitt said. "This fundraiser enables the artists of Tyler to create or donate their work for charity." The primary goal of the organization is to provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare for the children in the orphanage. Read More

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