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Back to Blog June 3, 2020

Tyler's Rob Kuper Talks About the Benefits of the Virtual Classroom

Author: Zachary Vickers

Rob Kuper, associate professor of landscape architecture, is featured in the June 2020 (Vol. 110, No. 6) issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine where he responds to the benefits of virtual classrooms, how it can reduce the carbon footprint of the entire class, provide more immediate critical feedback and more:

As an educator, I will consider having occasional virtual pinups and virtual desk critiques with students. Doing so will reduce my carbon footprint, as well as those of my students, by reducing emissions associated with traveling to campus. Moreover, I will be more willing to give virtual feedback to students between classes, rather than asking or expecting students to wait for classes, or receive written feedback about their work via e-mail that may be less than clear. Students also appreciate having video or audio recordings and redlined documents (PDFs) to refer to when revising work. With in-person desk critiques, students must rely upon their memo­ries, vague sketches that were done during desk crits, and whatever notes they may have happened to take or jot down during the desk crit.