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    May 3, 2022

    Erin Riley-Lopez wins CHAT award for spring 2023

    Author: Jane DeRose Evans

    Erin Riley-Lopez (PhD candidate) received a 2022-2023 Advanced Graduate Scholars Fellowship at the Center for Humanities at Temple (CHAT). The fellowship will support Riley-Lopez’s completion of research as well as the drafting of additional chapters for her dissertation "Queering the Museum: Utopian Futurity in Contemporary Exhibitions", which excavates artists, artworks, and exhibition histories that exist outside of the canon by focusing on three very recent exhibition case studies. Positing a queer institutional critique that offers a model for not only future exhibition making but also art history, Riley-Lopez contends that these exhibitions offer world building for a better and more sustainable future for queer artists and artworks both inside and beyond the museums’ walls. Riley-Lopez is particularly excited to work in the bi-weekly seminars with a group of PhD candidates in other disciplines at Temple because of the work she does along interdisciplinary lines. Read More

    April 27, 2022

    Grants for summer 2022 research

    Author: Jane DeRose Evans

    We're so proud that a large number of graduate students have been awarded summer grants for their research projects - and we want to hear all about your research when we get back together in August! Temple Grad Summer Grant: Nicole Marcel (PhD student), who will be working with her primary advisor, Dr. Rachel Grace Newman Ryan Mitchell (PhD student), who will be working with his advisor, Dr. Ashley West Emily Schollenberger (PhD student), who will be working with her advisor, Dr. Erin Pauwels And the recipients of the Marcia Hall Research Awards: Flavia Barberini (PhD candidate) to attend a workshop on International Thematic Summer School:  Art Markets (Antwerp/Brussels) Preston Gould (MA anticipated) to conduct research in Florence, IT for his qualifying paper Li Machado (PhD candidate) to conduct research in L.A.on "Networks of Desire in Queer Chicanx Los Angeles" Read More

    April 20, 2022

    Dean Susan Cahan to present at conference

    Author: Jane DeRose Evans

    At the conference "Paradoxes and Double-speak: Responding to Howardena Pindell’s Work on Art World Racism" Cahan will present a paper, "The Context of Pindell's Research in New York in the 1980s and '90s". Read More

    April 19, 2022

    Phi Beta Kappa inductee: 2022

    Author: Jane DeRose Evans

    After a hiatus of two years due to COVID, invitations to join Phi Beta Kappa, the scholar/service organization, have returned: Lydia Davidheiser (BA anticipated 2023), majoring in Art History, is in its newest class! Congratulations, Lydia! Read More

    April 18, 2022

    Prof Mariola Alvarez's book to appear in 2023

    Author: Jane DeRose Evans

    Alvarez's book, The Affinity of Neoconcretism: Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Brazilian Modernism 1954-1964 will come out in March 2023, from the University of California Press, under their Studies in Latin American Art series. In the meantime, register to hear her speak at "Las Informalistas: Women of Latin American Informalist Abstraction" on May 3, 2022, the subject of her new inquiry:  Read More


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