February 26, 2016

Graduate Planning Studio Works with North Philadelphia Residents on Brownfields Project

Author: Tracy Purdy

On February 15, from 6-8pm, three students from Planning Graduate Studio (Michelle Atherton, Leonard Bonarek, and Ted Mullen), led by their instructor Dr. Lynn Mandarano, conducted the first of two focus groups with residents of the North Kensington community.  The studio partnered with the New Kensington CDC to recruit 15 volunteers for the group that are geographically and demographically representative of the community directly impacted by the area’s brownfields. After the main conversation, participants were each given a disposable camera. They were instructed to take 10 pictures each of things they like and don't like in their community, and 7 pictures of things they’ve seen in other areas of the city that they wish they had in their community. Participants have two weeks to complete this aspect of the project. The group will meet again in several weeks to discuss their photos and ideas for redeveloping several brownfield sites. Read More

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