May 2, 2017

Professional Development for Teachers at 'A Taste of Tyler'

Author: issarevell

Tyler recently invited 40 Philadelphia School District teachers to 'A Taste of Tyler', a set of professional development workshops delivered by Tyler faculty. Workshops included a therapeutic bead collage exercise, a book-making demonstration, a printmaking demonstration (pictured above), a community arts exercise, and an exploration of 'play' in the classroom. Read More

October 13, 2015

Professor Wendy Osterweil Presents a Lesson Planning Workshop

Author: issarevell

Put It All Together: Theme=>Curriculum=>Lesson Plan  Monday, October 26, 4:00-6:30 pm, Bartol Foundation (Friends Center), 1501 Cherry Street This session will provide lesson planning formats and strategies, and will guide you through the curriculum development process. Learn from real classroom examples to developing a lesson plan and curriculum map specific to your teaching artist discipline and context. Artists from all disciplines are welcome. The session will be facilitated by Wendy Osterweil, a teaching artist, former classroom art teacher, and Associate Professor in Art Education at Tyler School. Read More

April 11, 2014

MFA Workshop with Robynne Raye

Author: Kelly Holohan

MFA candidates in Graphic & Interactive Design participated in a 1.5-day intensive workshop with Modern Dog principal, Robynne Raye. Students designed PSA poster campaigns addressing current issues around the food landscape and health. from left to right: Stephanie Knopp, Joe Scorsone, Joshua Schott, Robynne Raye, Kelly Holohan, Nikki Eastman, Zan Barnett, Noopur Agarwal, Kathy Mueller, Stephanie Werning, and David Jones. Read More

April 15, 2013

Natural Dye Workshop

Author: webta

Huge Thank You to Christine Roberts and Ryan Parker for sharing the wonders of Indigo with us! After a fascinating lecture on the properties, history and contemporary practice of indigo dyeing, we saw some samples of printed and dyed fabric.     Read More

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