Displaying Artwork

Tyler has a number of opportunities for students to display their artwork at the school. Here is a brief overview.

In and Around the Tyler Building

  • First Floor Areas of Tyler (lobby atriums, green hallway): Tyler is currently experimenting with a new way to exhibit artwork around the building. This program was devised by the Faculty Exhibitions Committee to foster interdisciplinary art around Tyler.  The first floor areas are divided into sections, and randomly assigned to programs for 3-week rotations throughout the academic year.  Each program is responsible for coordinating--the hope is for them to be collaborating--with the other program that might be assigned to the same space, and those departments are responsible for artwork in those areas at the assigned period. Exceptions to this rotation schedule are made for the Annual Show (see below). The second to the last week of the Spring semester is set aside for individual programs/classes/instructors to request specific spaces for short-term end-of-semester shows. The last week of EACH semester is set aside for students to request individual spaces for final project critiques.  Student Life can only approve individual installations in any assigned area ONLY if the program assigned to that area has released the area because they will not be using it. Students wishing to do individual installations anytime other than the last week of the semster are urged to pick a location not on the first floor or, if their work is site specific to the first floor, to contact the programs assigned to the area they wish to install to check with that area to see if it is okay. A detailed area map, with the program assignments for the academic year, is posted in the lobby of Tyler on the green wall under the giant plasma screen across from the front desk.  Students are responsible for deinstalling work and fully restoring the space by the removal date on their contract.

    The terms and conditions for installing in common areas, along with the proposal form, are here: Installation Form
    For help finding a space, see the new Tyler Exhibition Space Catalog: Catalog here.

  • Individual Installation in and around Tyler: Students may propose exhibitions in the Tyler building (with the exception of the first floor as outlined above EXCEPT during the last week of classes), outdoors on the grounds surrounding Tyler/the Architecture building, or in other areas on the Temple Campus. All installations not in a studio must be pre-appovd regardless of how long they will be installed, and must conform to Temple University's fire codes and biosafety/animal handling policies. Students should be aware that the approval process takes 7 days (more if they're proposing to use a space outside of Tyler), so they should plan accordingly. Kari Scott, Assistant Director for Student Life, is the contact for all installations in public spaces.  Students are responsible for deinstalling work and fully restoring the space by the removal date on their contract.

    The terms and conditions for installing in common areas, along with the proposal form, are here: Installation Form
    For help finding a space, see the new Tyler Exhibition Space Catalog: Catalog here.

  • Tyler Annual Show: The annual show includes work from each department at Tyler. This is a juried show, usually held at the end of March or beginning of April. Students should watch for the call for entries during the spring semester. Call for entries is usually announced in class or in the weekly e-mail newsletter.
  • Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries and Student Lounge Gallery: Tyler maintains a 3-room student and faculty gallery and a large atrium gallery space in the south basement of the Tyler building. Shows in these galleries typically install on Tuesday, and are open Wednesday thru Saturday for one week before being deinstalled by Monday afternoon. Space assignments for shows in these galleries are currently reserved for Senior BFA majors, and are held by lottery. The lottery for fall spaces is generally held the first week of September, and for spring spaces during the middle of November. The floor plan of the galleries is available here: Stella Elkins Tyler Galleries and Student Lounge Gallery Floorplan. All student shows are subject to the policies and guidelines included in the BFA exhibition guidelines, and must include a proposal contract signed by a faculty member. Contracts are due 2 weeks before the scheduled show.

    Forms are found here:    BFA exhibition guidelines    and    Proposal Contract   and   Gallery Map

  • The lower-level galleries are available on a limited basis for student or faculty-curated group shows. Proposals should be one-page, typed. Proposals for special group shows or class use are accepted until the last day of spring classes for the fall semester, or by October 15 for the Spring semester. Note that due to the demand for BFA shows, typically the only time space is available for these types of shw is at the beginning of each semester. Shows must adhere to the same guidelines and have a contract submitted 2 weeks in advance. Students are responsible for deinstalling work and fully restoring the space by the removal date on their contract.

    Forms are found here:    BFA exhibition guidelines    and    Proposal Contract   and   Gallery Map

  • Architecture Building Gallery: Students interested in displaying work in the Architecture lobby or the board space outside Architecture 104 should contact Val Cleary at: vcleary@temple.edu
  • Departmental Shows: Some departments organize shows for their students. These are usually organized by the faculty or graduate students within each department. Students should check with their department faculty for opportunities within the department.

On the Temple Campus

Students are welcome to show their work in other locations on the Temple Campus. Generally that means identifying the person in the location who can approve the display. For help with this identification, please contact the Student Life Coordinator here: miss.kari@temple.edu for assistance. Students who wish to show their work on campus must also comply with all the rules and complete a proposal for their installation. The document can be found here: Proposal for Art Installation.  Students are responsible for deinstalling work and fully restoring the space by the removal date on their contract.

Howard Gittis Student Center

The student center has a small gallery available for student use. Contact Jason Levy the Director of the Student Center at: jason.levy@temple.edu

Offices Around Temple

Student Life occasionally gets calls from offices around the Temple campus that would like to include student art in their offices. Generally they are looking for office-appropriate work for a semester or academic year. Typically students are able to sell these works if someone sees them, and since there is no commission required these can be a lucrative way to have your work seen by a number of people. Requests for artwork are included in the weekly WHAT.

Local, Regional, National and International Calls

Student Life collects and curates a list of artist calls included in the weekly WHAT.