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January 27, 2021

NICole Emser Marcel to present virtually at York University's Centre for Refugee Studies and Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Nicole Emser Marcel (PhD student) is presenting a paper entitled "Iconoclastic Placemaking in Nyugen Smith's Bundlehouse Series" at York University's Centre for Refugee Studies and Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean's virtual student conference on "Recognition, Agency, and Deservingness: (Re)framing Refugee, Black, and Indigenous Movements" in February. Read More

January 26, 2021

Pablo Meninato’s New Book to Explore Urban “Informality”

Author: Zachary Vickers

Pablo Meninato’s new book will explore the current and future state of urban and architectural “informality” and its impact on communitiesPablo Meninato, Tyler’s associate professor of architecture, together with Gregory Marinic, associate professor at the University of Cincinnati, will publish the co-edited book, Informality and the City: Theories, Actions, and Interventions [Springer Publishing Co. of Rotterdam]. Read More

January 25, 2021

Megan Reddicks Pignaturo awarded a Samuel H. Kress Research Fellowship in Renaissance Art History

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Megan Reddicks Pignatruo (PhD candidate) has been awarded a travel fellowship - a Samuel H. Kress Research Fellowship in Renaissance Art History to off-set expenses for research travel. Given the current COVID restrictions, the grant has been generously extended for use through June 2022 rather than just the 2021 calendar year. Her proposal is to travel to Florence to view conservation records at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure on Quattrocento paintings that exhibit early use of oil paint. Should travel continue to be limited, she will travel to the Getty Research Institute to view their extensive collection of conservation publications. The working title of her dissertation is "The Facture of Non-Linear Perspective in Quattrocento Florence". Read More

January 25, 2021

Emily Schollenberger to give paper at the University of Virginia's Art and Architectural History Graduate Symposium

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Emily Schollenberger (PhD student) will present a paper virtually, "'Tender Regards, Old Memories': Temporal Transpositions in Memories of the Homes of Grandma Lewis," at the University of Virginia's Art and Architectural History Graduate Symposium on "The [After]Lives of Objects: Transposition in the Material World" in March. Read More

January 19, 2021

Maria De Lourdes Marino (AH PhD student) to speak at CAA

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Maria De Lourdes Mariño (PhD student) will be presenting her paper, "Tania Bruguera's INSTAR and the dynamic for cultural and political change in Cuba" in the Art at the Edge of Democracy in the Americas panel at the 2021 College Art Association. Read More

January 8, 2021

Erin Riley-Lopez (PhD student) presents at 2021 CAA Conference

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Erin Riley-Lopez will be presenting her paper, "Queering the Museum: Nayland Blake's Curatorial Practice" in the 2021 CAA Queer & Trans Caucus for Art's sponsored panel Restricted movements: Queer embodiments, performance, and limitations as choreography.  Read More

December 11, 2020

Dr Alice Price co-edits new book on Impressionism

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Dr Alice Price (PhD 2014, now adjuncting with us) has co-edited and contributed to Mapping Impressionist Painting in Transnational Contexts (Routledge 2021): https://www.routledge.com/Mapping-Impressionist-Painting-in-Transnationa... Read More

December 9, 2020

Dr Jane DeRose Evans publishes article in Near Eastern Archaeology

Author: Jane DeRose Evans

Evans' article, "Adorning and Protecting: Glass Intaglios and the Changing Character of Being a Sardian in the Early Imperial Period" came from her research on the site of Sardis, Turkey, where she is the specialist numismatist. It can be found in Near Eastern Archaeology 83.4 (December) 2020 200-209. Read More