Anna Bockrath, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: March 27-30 

Reception: March 29, 6-8 pm 


the shadow escapes, 2023, screen print on cotton twill tape, dimensions variable.  
in search of, 2023, handwoven cotton and nylon with screen print, dimensions variable.  


Artist Statement 

I create objects that explore liminality within loss, intimacy, care, and time. Combining weaving and printmaking, these themes emerge in images and words incorporated into cloth. My research centers on poetry, mythology, architecture, and textile histories. I reference objects such as nets, vessels, ladders, and portals – practical tools that are meant to capture, contain or bridge distances. In my reinterpretation of these objects, they fall short of usefulness and become impractical or imaginary. They straddle function and failure. I am interested in this in-betweenness as a place of possibility. How does failure lay the ground for new potential? How does loss make space for hope? Embracing simultaneity, these objects hold space for multiple dualities – past/present, closeness/distance, presence/absence. They mark the tenuous threshold between no longer and not yet. 


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All photos credited to the artist.