Guannan Wang (Corina), MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 28, 6 - 8pm

Mirror-Multiple personality, 11/8/2022, Polypropylene, 6.52 × 5.24 × 4.83 in, KeyShot Render 

Mirror-Recall, 11/19/2022, BASF® Glass-Filled Polypropylene (SLS), 9.24 × 9.45 × 5.42 in, KeyShot Render 

Artist Statement  

Does what you see correspond to what you feel when you touch it? Is there a distinction between what you imagined and what you experienced? Optimistic and cheerful or depressed and pessimistic, rational and strong or frail and emotional, looking forward to the future or trapped in memories and unable to escape. Is the person you see in the mirror a true reflection of yourself? The surface of the water reflects the inner world. The imagined world and the scenery in my mind are intertwined and fused, and the external and internal personalities are divided and involved. 


Emotions that clash.  

Longing for safety, but also for freedom.  

Complex emotions and senses are centered on the upper body.  

The head controls emotion.  

It leads to the chest, where the emotion is expelled and inhaled.  

It allows you to reflect, hug yourself, dry your tears, and motivate yourself by controlling your arm.  

Touch- breathe the sensation in - eyes->mind; eyes->heart->breathe->touch. 

Then it goes round and round and round again. Ear, eyes, nose, and mouth; head, chest, and arm Feel and sense. 


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