Jordan Hill, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 21, 6 - 8pm

Transubstantiation, 2022, communions wafers, frenel lenses, RGB lights, dimensions varied

The Light Pours Out of Me, 2022, various, dimensions varied

Artist Statement

“He walked onward, caring little one way or another,  

to him the path mattered not, now up, now 

 down. He felt no fatigue, except sometimes it  

annoyed him that he could not walk on his head.” 

-Georg Buchner, Lenz 


I am a non-disciplinary sculptor and installation artist whose work exists at the intersection of dreamwork and a middle school science experiment. I am trapped in a cognitive loop – repeatedly challenging the limitations of perception in an attempt to access limitlessness, and discover the meaning of meaninglessness. Preoccupied with states outside of traditional modes of cognition, my work questions the efficacy of human agency by illuminating the various ways that the objects we make and possess are also making and possessing us. Through triangulating dualities – presence/absence, interiority/exteriority, inversion/eversion – and a material, aesthetic investment in plastics, inappropriated objects, and optical illusion, I create space to explore inconsistencies within reality as a simultaneously subjective and shared experience. 

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All photos credited to the artist.