Rita Scheer, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 14, 6 - 8pm

untitled, 2023, acrylic on canvas, MDO, dyed cotton yarn, 24"x16" 

untitled, 2022, mylar, paper, stretcher bars, yarn cones, woven hinges, pins, and graphite on paper, 7'x5' 

Artist Statement

Flickering between the structures of painting and weaving, I imagine a way to contend with the commoditization of housing, through the creation of paradoxical thought-objects that can be deconstructed and reconstituted, and can be understood as tools to contend with the stability of demarcation in the home. I am bringing a fantastic wish into existence, to mend our palpable alienation from the processes that hold components together (such as hinging, tying, pinning, and felting). 

My work can expand and contract; it contains a type of vertigo that happens between hoping and making. It is almost-real. 

I look toward the loom and the greenhouse, tools that carry and bring forth many histories, as frameworks that have the potential to be collapsible or bolstered. Both the loom and greenhouse have structural processes that allow material to flow, and when in conversation in my work, they offer a way to consider the house as a multitude of channels that help make itself. 

More information about Rita Scheer available at ritascheer.com

All photos credited to the artist.