Sasha Budayv (Я), MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 21, 6 - 8pm

No title, 2022, archival paper mounted on cardboard, casein paint, casein emulsion, wheat paste, 9.2 inch x 13 inch 

No title, 2021, archival paper mounted on chipboard, casein paint, gouache, graphite, 9 inch x 12.9 inch 

Artist Statement

if we are to propose something - i wish this to be  

long alienated weak shimmer - 

(fail to recognize)  

- piercing through the pile of all 

that is me 

weak and odd 

that is inherited brought together rejected  

that is loved or accepted or neglected ostracized tolerated 

- i wish this weak- that is suppressed and which rupture is 

undesirable unbearable - 

get resolved 

- the best i can feel perceive comprehend intuit-e 

is this which coalesce with sort of making 

sort of collective appreciation of facets where boundaries diffuse by osmosis 

i hope  

this new to have room for the weak that demands to be shared to be squandered although its claim cannot be voiced or communicated  

only lived through  

in the gathering  

sorrily nebulous obscure  

i guess it is the  


of the tragedy  

that requires to cease (secret) operations of  

sorrows and anger and confusion  

behind irony future tongue faith  

in orders corinthian doric scythian teutonic grammatic logic aesthetic  

it is more unbearable  

here here  

where we observe 

discontinuity severance abruption  

of the membrane  

even more terrifying  

than what  



it is then only weak  

with no  

big theory  

bit apathy  

but more of the garden  

to see 


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All photos credited to the artist.