Noa Hagiladi, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: April 17-20 

Reception: April 19, 6-8 pm

Thirst, 2023, glass, 55.5" x 14.17" x 0.08"; Photo: Noa Hagiladi

Untitled, 2024, work in progress, marker on paper, 10'x8'; Photo: Izzy Rotman 

Artist Statement

I grew up "in a greenhouse" in a small village in Israel where my family had a mango grove. It was a warm, safe, and protected childhood that serves as an anchor and is my greatest source of inspiration. I long for the Israeli landscapes and soil which manifests itself through incorporation of the Hebrew language, depiction of memories, or use of recognizable Israeli symbols such as the dried dessert land in the attempt to preserve its presence. The literal and metaphorical fractures in the work speak to the longing for Zion that has existed throughout history and the torn land of Israel with its endless circle of violence. Presenting parallels between the soil and my body and the disruption in my relationship with the land. Working with glass enables me to put an emphasis on the fragile nature of our existence and create a dialog between the broken and the whole. 

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