Jiseon Min, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 14, 6 - 8pm

Take Up, 2022, charcoal on canvas, 221 x 64 

How Do Arms and Legs Connect to Others, 2022, video, color, sound, 07:45 

Artist Statement

I am interested in stories and emotions that cannot be accurately verbalized or fully communicated through language, which are suppressed or not allowed to be communicated with reasons that might as well be unexplicit. My drawing practice is a starting point to translate my own feelings and embodied experiences that could not make senses in a logical way. They are made on the floor using my whole body, crouching, and crawling. I focus on innate rhythms and energy of these embodied senses, hoping to invite people to engage in them with their own embodied experiences. I consider my marks to be an archive of presence. My video practice takes the footage of mundane days and pair it with the stories from the past. However, this is not to deliver the narrative itself but rather the presence of life being lived now. 

How can those stories and emotions relate with the world? In what form or senses would that connection be perceived to us? How can a sensibility embody a politics? My work wanders around the juncture of connection and disconnection. I hope my works to be an alternative language for unspoken voices.  

More information about Jiseon Min available at http://www.youtube.com/@suneemin

All photos credited to the artist.