Maxwell Davis, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: March 13-16 

Reception: March 15, 6-8 pm  



I Sure Hope They Are, 2023, powder-coated copper, nickel, reflective tape, steel findings, 3" x 3". 
Cyber_squirt_02, 2023, powder-coated copper, acrylic, CyberSemen(TM), 3" x 3". 


Artist Statement 

Performing for the male gaze? I heard male gays. For better or worse, this word play has defined my experience as a queer, trans artist. My work is built around the concept of American masculinity and its modes of cultural production through the lens of utopia and queer futurity. Cyborg theory informs my practice in body art and adornment as I explore the intersection of bodies and technology in order to question the thresholds between real and unreal, internal and external, natural and produced. My relationship to men and masculinity has served as the backbone for these practices, as I’ve had to unpack what it means to love men, be seen as a man, and live with three decades of unfettered internet access that has given me an all too intimate answer to the question: are men okay?  

All photos credited to the artist.