Heather Phillips, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: April 17-20

Reception: April 19, 6-8 pm 

Lava, 2023, glass, wood light box ,18.5" diameter

Ginkgo, glass, leaves, wood light box. 

Artist Statement 

"In Between the Light and the Darkness" showcases a series of self-illuminated glass works that delve into our connection with patterns inherent in the natural world and the cosmos. These circular creations serve as focal points for meditation and contemplation, offering viewers a sanctuary from the chaos of contemporary life. As a collective in this thesis exhibition, these pieces form an immersive environment, constructing a spiritual secular space. Crafted with powdered glass, enamel, and layered sheets of glass, these artworks exemplify the captivating allure of glass, inviting viewers to be entranced by its inherent beauty. 

More information available about Heather Phillips @heatherannettephillips

All photos credited to the artist.