Cayarah Pyle, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: May 5, 6 - 8pm

Highly Flavoured Food Truck, Cayarah Pyle 

Highly Flavoured Menus, Cayarah Pyle 

Artist Statement  

Cayarah Pyle is a Graphic Designer from Brooklyn, New York currently residing in Philadelphia. She enjoys designing work that is both culturally relevant and educational. During her time at Tyler, she has chosen to step away from solely designing advertisements, (which was her primary focus in undergrad), to creating more robust and thoughtful projects that may exist in the world. She is passionate about her culture, her city, family and food and these themes play a large role in her work and her thinking. Designing something beautiful and striking is meaningful, but her research and exploration is just as important to her design process as the creation itself. When she is not obsessing over a specific color palette for her next project, you can find Cayarah eating something dairy free, making a smoothie, or coming up with a moodboard for her next hairstyle. 

All photos credited to the artist.