Halo Lahnert, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: March 24, 6 - 8pm

Something Hidden, Go and Find it, 2022, Colored pencil and pen on Dura-lar, grommets, paper mache, and Finster nails, 50" x 21"

Stone Circle, 2022, Paper mache and spray paint. 6' x 6'

Artist Statement

Everything we know, made up of atoms. In each atom’s center, a nucleus. Around each nucleus, a ring of electrons. 

Particles with the same charge repel each other. Electrons are all negatively charged. The surfaces of all things, repelling the surfaces of all things. 

A sheet of paper. A large red marker. 

The marker approaches the paper and in capital letters a statement is written: “CAVEMAN GOD” 

The electrons of the paper repel the electrons of the ink, no real touching occurs, yet the text is clearly read. 

So what is it, then, that makes contact? 

What is it that makes contact? This question is my tail; I am the dog that chases it. My work is the evidence of this chase - the overlapping tracks in the mud, the diagram frenetically sketched, the logics imperfectly verbalized - immanently looping in the form of drawings, papier mache sculptures, clothing, and text. These loops form part of a spiral that unfolds thousands of years forward and backward in time. Around and around I go - each loop somehow the same and different than the last. 

More information about Halo Lahnert at www.reinterpretation.org

All photos credited to the artist.