Brynn Hurlstone, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: April 7, 6 - 8pm

Toward Precarity, 2023; Glass, Steel, Water, Salt; Installation- Size Variable

Accumulative Release- Detail, 2022; Steel, Water, Glass; 48"x48"x16"

Artist Statement

My work invites engagement with the precarious. I create objects that are unexpectedly fragile and inexplicably strong; immersive environments that explore the inherent tension of disparate aspects found within my lived experiences. They ask much but place nothing out of reach, using effort, reticence, and release to question normative behavior and examine our relationship with vulnerability. Each object space is alive, in continual transformation, and activated by the physicality of human presence. Steel weakens, bleeding turquoise and gold under the gentle spill of water; glass beckons and responds to touch; salt grows ever-intensifying formations. Fleeting iterations of materiality are captured onto form and surface, becoming tangible echoes drowned out by the wordless resonance of embodied sensation. 

As a result, my practice is one of teleological, experimental making in pursuit of connective moments; components and processes are chosen for the exploration of their outcome, for the effects they have upon both themselves and upon the viewer. Reciprocal sensation gives voice to the unspeakable. It holds space. It is a means by which we, as infinitely layered sentient histories, reach out from within our isolated knowing to see one another and understand without explanation. 

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All photos credited to the artist.