Ramon Antonio Vega, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: April 3-6 

Reception: April 5, 6-8 pm 


Sin Titulo, 2023, acrylic and sand on poly tarp, 120" x 120". 


Moving Still, 2023, acrylic, spray paint and sand on poly tarp, 120" x 120". 

Artist Statement 

This investigation focuses on exploring the concept of the urban palimpsest, mainly how architecture is constructed and repurposed to inform our experience. I am intrigued by structures that emerge during the recording and transfer processes, including image-making and process-oriented techniques. I am interested in understanding the patterns that arise from the labor involved in creating structures and how that is imprinted on commercial materials, particularly polyvinyl tarps, commonly used for temporary storage and refuge solutions. 

These new structures provoke considerations about place, functionality, and the human body's interaction with the constructed environment. I employ production processes grounded in construction logic to achieve this, creating paintings on tarps. These tarps, resistant to paint, undergo a preliminary sanding step to ensure proper adhesion. I measure and mark the ground using a corner square to map the space. Subsequently, I utilize the corner square as a stencil to apply layers of paint repurposing printing process techniques. A discernible pattern emerges through repetitive gestures, showcasing the cumulative nature of its creation. This method allows me to index a place and encourages contemplation of constructional aspects inherent in the built environment. My approach proposes alternative perspectives of structures that shape our daily experiences and identities. 

More information about Ramon Antonio Vega at https://www.ramonvegastudio.com/  

All photos credited to the artist.