Katharine Suchan, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: April 3-6 

Reception: April 5, 6-8 pm 


"I Have Considered the Lillies" (detail), flashe on Fabriano paper, 56" x 36".

"I Have Considered the Lillies" (detail), flashe on Fabriano paper, 56" x 36". 


Artist Statement 

Rivers, sidewalks, and desire paths guide us into unexpected pockets that transport us to other worlds. In my work, these places become simultaneously compressed and expanded. They bridge sites, time, and objects that are visited-imagined-theatricalpsychological. My practice draws from the logic of fairytales, invention, and wonder to excavate landscape’s in/stability. My paintings and drawings are analogies depicting everyday icons. Historic monuments and flora and fauna join with others imagined, like witches, peering eyes, and unicorns. I explore the possibilities of association through the juxtaposition of forms that are of cultural and personal significance. Narrative is revealed, and then unravels into dreamlike familiarities. Color acts as a lens through which these worlds divulge, leaving traces of feelings far off. Analogous palettes capture emotional sensation and highlight shifts in season, mood, and temperature. Non-traditional perspectives inspire questions about how a painting functions, and makes visible the un-assumed. Marks distinguish form, and patterns create an energetic pulse throughout the environment. To navigate through the work is to lose oneself on the journey and to see what unfolds between the space and place of here and there, then and now. 


More information about  Katharine Suchan at https://katesuchan.wixsite.com/artist   

All photos credited to the artist.