Emily Friesen, MFA 2023


Opening Reception: March 24, 6 - 8pm

Hide Detail, (2023, Cow hide, hair, plastic, suede, EF) 

Labyrinth (2023, Cotton textile, thread, 12inx 12in, EF)  

Artist Statement

How can I make work about time when time shifts and gathers like a fabric, pocketing spans of space and time in its folds? Yes, time is a grid of plotted points, markers of measured experiences. But what if this grid was understood to be malleable, flexible like fiber, like stretching skin allowing muscle movement. I am drawn to these alternate understandings of time: non-linear time, religious time, and time as a cyclical winnowing of understanding. My sensibilities and materials insist that the playing out of time is not a progression nor a regression, but a made material to be cut, resewn, and re-formed. 

If this time can be worn, embodied, and inhabited into new spaces, how does this relate to discrete lifespans? I am drawn to the multitude of lifespans that can exist naturally and externally from the body of one animal. The lifespan of leather material is certainly different from the lifespan of one cow. I study these materials, turning them over in their many facets as I attempt to connect and understand the language and the networks of information between lifespans. I am working with calf hides, lawn tarps, quilts, and plastics; investigating their structures of time, appearance, and silence. These materials take the forms of imaginary wombs, incubators, bodied patterns, veilings, and channels. 

All photos credited to the artist.