Anne Adams, MFA 2024

Thesis Exhibition: March 27-30 

Reception: March 29, 6-8 pm 


Bronze Guardian, 2023, clay, ceramic bead, 26" x 13.4" x 13".
Rhythm, 2023, clay, 43" x 20".


Artist Statement 

Anne Adams is a multidisciplinary artist from Southern Kaduna State of Nigeria. Her practice employs material agency as a conduit to explore the notions of hybridization in a postcolonial world. Her sculptures are anthropomorphic, with forms that traverse time, place, and classification. In her work, she sees the potential for everything to be and exist in multiples, creating forms that embody transcending and evolving in between dimensions. She is interested in the histories of people, cultural practices, cultural redefinition, and hybridization as a means of sustainability in the evolution and trajectory of societies. Drawing inspiration from the legacy of precolonial Nigerian art, her work is a celebration of the profound mastery and intellectual ingenuity of her predecessors. Adams references the rich cultural heritage of the Nok people, an ancient civilization discovered in 1928 in Southern Kaduna. As a creator with direct kinship to this historically significant region, her work becomes a poignant reflection on the intersections of personal identity and the lost narrative of an era, simultaneously confronting the shadows cast by the legacy of colonization and acknowledging its resulting complexities and disruptions. 

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